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In games we are always chasing our better selves.
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By taking advantage of humans psychological predisposition to engage in gaming, Gamification takes what makes games [and sports and hobbies] successful and graft it into individual business situations.

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Our Method

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We help you to understand what Gamification really is, why it differs from Serious Games, Game Based Learning, Simulations, and more, and whether and how to use one of them in a reasonable way. Therefore we analyse and identify possible Gamification contact points.



Gamification works by showing a path to mastery and autonomy, and by helping to solve problems step by step. We incorporate game elements such as feedback around progress, map of choices, levels and paths, and building in a sense of play that helps people reflect on what they are doing and learning.



Together we execute the agreed concept and help you to implement it into the desired areas, departments or the whole organization.
Therefore we will accompany you during the first phases of the project and as long as you want us to stay on board.



Participants of a gamified process continue to develop. Therefore, engaging activities, services & products need to keep pace with the users/customers experiences and skills. We accompany your Gamification project to make sure that your processes grow with them. This is how you keep them engaged.


What others say:

  • As a former gamification-skeptic, thanks to Roman Rackwitz (CEO Engaginglab), I became a motivational-design-supporter!

    Winfried Felser
    Winfried Felser NetSkill Solutions GmbH / CEO
  • As an innovation expert I listen to a lot of people talking about the topic of Gamification. But, compared to the knowledge and experience of Roman Rackwitz, it is only superficial knowledge. There are worlds in between.

    Jürgen Stäudtner
    Jürgen Stäudtner Author ‚Deutschland im Innovationsstau‘
  • Just recently I have watched a documentary about Gamification. Unfortunately, they didn’t interview Roman Rackwitz. He would have explained this topic ten times better and more accurate. Roman Rackwitz knows exactly ‘how the wind blows’ and impart knowledge in an exciting an lively way. From over 30 years of experience, I know how difficult that is.

    Peter G. von Windau
    Peter G. von Windau Retired senior partner at Roland Berger Team member & partner of the 2nd report for the ‘Club of Rome’

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