Gamification & Employee Engagement in Germany

This is our second interview, done by TechnologyAdvice and at the same time the first of a series about Gamification. Today we explored employee engagement trends in the workplaceand what potential this has for companies everywhere. Clark Buckner talked with us about the potential of Gamification and how it could change the way we do businesses together and interact.

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I was really nervous this time – even more than the first time – so, I’m sorry if it is difficult to understand at some points. I promise this will get better over time as I get more comfortable being interviewed. 😉

Thanks to Clark Buckner for this interview.
If you want to meet him in person, here you can find his Tech Conference calendar. I really recommend to get in touch with him if possible. It is worth it. You will love his passionated way of doing his interviews! A great start is to follow him on Twitter: @techconferences.

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