Gamification for HR & Marketing

This is our third interview, done by TechnologyAdvice. If you are interested to listen to the previous two interviews you can find them here:


This time we talked about some different requirement between HR in Germany and other countries and so, how Gamification has to be adjusted to these different environments. As we run out of time, unfortunately we couldn’t talk anymore about the Marketing approach of Gamification where you have also to take cultural differences into account.
We will address this issue in our next podcast!

Gamification for HR & Marketing

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Gamification is always about your personal progress within an activity, as to say, your personal ‚Path to Mastery‘. Following our interviews over time, I will (hopefully) also experience this ‚Path to Mastery‘ concerning my english skills. What do you think? 😉

Thanks to Clark Buckner for this interview.

If you want to meet him in person, here you can find his Tech Conference calendar. I really recommend to get in touch with him if possible. It is worth it. You will love his passionated way of doing his interviews! A great start is to follow him on Twitter: @techconferences.

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